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Our construction & project management  services

Explore below our construction & project management services and find out how our team could help your next project. 

Development Managment

Identified an opportunity? Our hands-on and knowledgeable approach will make your project a reality. By drawing on our vast experience and by bringing in specialisms, we can provide a tailored Development Management service to help you reduce risk and optimise value. 

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Guiding a project from inception to completion comes with lots of challenges – challenges we’re particularly good at managing! Our Project Management service will help you successfully navigate the project’s lifecycle (a landscape often littered with unknowns) to deliver an outstanding project, on time and to budget.

Contract Administration

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If there’s one thing we have learned over the years, it’s always prepare for the unexpected.  Using our knowledge of the construction industry, alongside our ability to successfully project manage, our Contract Administration service will make sure your building contract between you and your contractor stays on track.

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An Employer’s Agent is key to the success of a project. We provide the essential link between you and your contractor, making sure that the work is completed on time and to budget and that quality standards are achieved.


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Building a project is hard enough when everything is going right. Throw in escalating costs and it can easily become overwhelming. The aim of our Cost Management service is to manage this burden, reduce risk and maximise return on investment.

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Programme Management

Managing large programmes ( or a collection of interrelated projects) can be complex. Problems with one part of a project can easily impact your overall goal. That’s why programmes require highly skilled and competent managers to ensure that they’re planned and delivered successfully. Something we’re particularly good at!

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